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“Children see magic because they look for it.” 

Christopher Moore

Crystal Book Series COMING SOON!

Crystal's Quest Front Cover (1)

The Crystal Rocks series is perfect for young readers ages 8-10.

Meet Crystal and her beagle buddy, Noodle.


Crystal LOVES rocks and gems. Noodle HATES peas. Crystal shares her knowledge and insights about gemstones to encourage and inspire new friends like Quackers the Duck, Bandit the Goat and many more!

Each character receives a gemstone, especially chosen by Crystal.

Crystal loves rocks and gemstones and her beagle buddy, Noodle. Noodle hates peas and loves Crystal. Together, Crystal and Noodle meet and support new friends like Quackers the duck, Bandit the goat, and Squawk (a very loud parrot). Crystal uses her knowledge of rocks and gemstones and selects the perfect gemstone to help all she meets.

What gemstone will she choose next?


Every chapter contains a quest story, Crystal’s journal page, and ending with a page that has the geology, geography and history of the rock in the chapter as well as a full color photo.

The last page also includes a tear-out bookmark.

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Lisa Fontanella

About The Author

Lisa Fontanella is a certified Life Coach and Intuitive and enjoys helping clients discover and embrace their best selves. She’s a proud Author of the children’s chapter book, Crystal’s Quest and is a Master in the practice of Reiki.

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