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Elegant. Metaphysical Creations. Handcrafted.

“Creations made with semi-precious gemstones, other elegant beads and most importantly, made from the heart.”

Metaphysical Jewelry About Lisa's Designs

The creation of my metaphysical jewelry began back in 2010 with me trying to find a bracelet that fit me (I have small wrists). Taking matters into my own hands – literally – I purchased gemstone beads and the basics to create a bracelet. After taking a 2-hour course, I embarked on a creative journey that feeds my soul to this day.

Most of my creations (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and daydream catchers) are made up of semi-precious gemstones. I have always had a huge fascination with rocks and gems and their metaphysical properties so incorporating them into my jewelry designs was a perfect fit.

Even if a customer isn’t into the metaphysical aspect of the piece, they are usually drawn to the design. I take great care in blending color and texture to create a unique and signature motif.

I’ve created styles that include zodiac bracelets and wellness themed bracelets such as: Joy, Prosperity, Health, New Beginnings, Letting It Go, Self-Respect, Creativity and many more!

Each bracelet comes with a card that lists its semi-precious gemstones and their properties.


The gallery is only a sampling of the creations.

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Keep in mind that my items are constantly changing. If you see something you really like don’t wait!

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